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Who runs this Club?

You do. The huge success of The Whisky Club is built on the strongest Membership base in the country, (there are over 9000 of us!) and therefore being able to source the best whisky there is at a great price.

Everything we do at the Club aims to maximise value for our Members: from gaining access to some of the world’s most exciting whiskies to deliver to your door, to negotiating discounts for you at Australia’s top whisky bars and events, to field trips to learn more about whisky and meet likeminded whisky lovers, or sending Members to Scotland on bucket list whisy trips; it’s all put together to enhance your whisky life, and you in turn drive its success.

We love single malt at The Whisky Club and want to give as many people as possible the opportunity to share our passion. Really good single malt can be pricey, unusual single malts are hard to come by and to really appreciate single malt you have to understand its story. And so we’ve set up The Whisky Club to share our love for whisky and invite whisky lovers around the nation to join us on an epic whisky journey.

Leading the way on our collective whisky journey are top whisky expert Bertie Cason and co-founder Emily Ashbolt Cason.  Emily headed up the world’s biggest trade media magazines for the drinks industry and Bertie used to manage the corresponding publication for the spirits industry, so it was a match made in booze heaven in terms of trade connections in sourcing the world’s best whiskies and Australian exclusive imports, as well as keeping a finger on the pulse of the latest trends.

Since moving back to Australia from London in 2011, they’ve both worked in business and marketing management, with Bertie also firmly establishing himself as a key whisky authority in Australia through his role at Sullivans Cove Whisky and peak whisky industry bodies.  At Sullivans Cove he hand selected HH525 for The World Whiskies Awards, which famously went on to win The World’s Best Single Malt and change the fate and fortune of the Australian whisky industry forever. He now puts those same tasting skills to the test each month as he personally selects the Club whiskies he knows will knock the socks off our Members.

The Whisky Club launched in 2014 and immediately struck a chord with whisky lovers and journalists around the country. The Club is now firmly established as by far the most successful and largest Member organisation of its kind, and a key player in the greater whisky industry. Our purchasing power and therefore the kinds of exceptional whiskies we can get our hands on are only set to get even better as whisky-loving Members spread the whisky word further and we continue to grow at breakneck speed into 2020! It’s sure been a dramtastic ride so far and we look forward to having you on board to share in even more amazing whisky experiences together this year.

To join us on this epic whisky journey, click here now.