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How to Whitelist TWC email addresses

In today’s world of email filters it’s getting harder to get emails to all of our Members.

So that is why we ask you to spend a little bit of time to whitelist our email addresses (,,, in your email program.

Click one of the following links to view instructions for your mail program.

  1. Gmail & Mobile App
  2. iPhone
  3. Android
  4. Yahoo
  5. Outlook & Mobile App
  6. Mac Mail
  7. Thunderbird
  8. Norton Antispam
  9. McAfee Antispam
  10. Trend Micro Antispam

What is the monthly billing and shipping procedure?

  1. Full details of the Whisky of the Month are published here on the website by the first Friday of the month, but you can grab a little sneak peek in advance if you follow us on Facebook and Instagram.
  2. You can OPT-OUT or DOUBLE-UP over the three days between midnight on the first Friday and the following Sunday by logging into your account and following the easy steps… You’ll receive a confirmation email from confirming this action.
  3. The Whisky of the Month email goes out at 5am on the first Friday of every month. Please whitelist this address to ensure delivery. If you don’t see the email in your inbox initially please check all SPAM and JUNK folders, as well as the PROMOTIONS tab if using Gmail, and contact us if it’s not there. All Whisky of the Month info will be on our website however, as per point 1 above.
  4. Your credit card will be debited on the Monday, unless you’ve opted out as described above and you’ll receive a receipt via email.
  5. Any shipping address changes must be made by 8pm on the Monday via the “Account Details” tab in your account.
  6. Once the bottle has shipped, you will receive an email from with your tracking number. Again, it’s highly advisable to whitelist this address to ensure delivery of the email.
  7. Sydney and Melbourne metro deliveries should arrive two working days after receipt of your tracking number, and if like us, you live a bit further away like Tassie or Perth it’s more likely to be five working days.

How to Opt-Out of (decline), or Double-Up, this month’s whisky

  1. Each month between the first Friday of the month and midnight the following Sunday, you will be able to Opt-Out of, or Double-Up on your usual whisky subscription for the current month only. These settings reset each month.
  2. Login to your account at My Account page. If you wish, you can click the checkbox for your login access to be remembered, saving you to have to repeatedly login. Also, your browser, by default, should offer to store the username and password for the login form. We recommend that you accept this.
  3. Once logged in, the Monthly Options will be displayed. Here you will click a button to confirm your selection.
  4. To finalise the Double Up process, a choice of where you wish us to send the additional bottle(s) will be displayed. Please confirm and complete which option is appropriate for you.
  5. You will receive an email confirming each action. It is important that you don’t repeatedly click any of the buttons as this may reverse the action. Either way, you will receive a confirmation email every time that you click the button.
  6. If you aren’t sure about your current account status, then logout of your account page and log back in. Whatever setting is displayed by the toggle buttons is definitely what your account is currently set to. If for some reason the toggle buttons aren’t working for you, (ie. your work computer’s security settings are interfering with your ability to set the desired options), please try a different computer or mobile device, or contact us to change it for you.
  7. You can change any statuses between the Friday morning and midnight on following Sunday. The dates for each month are displayed at the top of the My Account page.

How to Update an Expired Credit Card

To update your subscription with the details of a new credit card please

  1. Login via the ACCOUNT page.
  2. Select the Credit Card tab.
  3. Your current order should be listed.
  4. Click the Pay button and follow the prompts to enter your date of birth and new credit card details.

My Password is not Working

First thing is that your email address is not your username. Please check that you are using the correct username sent to to you in your Welcome email.

If you no longer have the email, and are unsure what your username is, then please contact us.

Usernames & Passwords are case sensitive ( so ILove2DrinkWhisky! is not the same as ilove2drinkwhisky! ) so please ensure that you do not have the keyboard CAPS LOCK key on when entering passwords. Try typing your password into a text editor or word processor first, then copy that into the password reset form – that way you can see what you are typing and using in the password field.

No-one, including us, can see your password as it is encrypted. So we are unable to tell you your existing password. However you can reset your password using the password reset link. (Please whitelist our email addresses so you receive it).

Password resets are immediate so as soon as resetting your password the new password is active. Please set your internet browser (ie. Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer etc.) to save form data. This will ensure that it will ask you if you want to save the access details to the website and saves you from having to re-type your password next time.

How to reset my Password

If you are having trouble receiving the password reset email please:

  1. Check your junk/bulk mail folder to see if the password reset emails have landed there.
  2. Whitelist both and in your email program. Once you have done so please request another reset email via the My Account page password reset link. If you do not receive it in a 10 minutes please email us with your preferred password and we’ll update it for you directly.

How to complete a Pending Order

If your order wasn’t successful and was set to a “pending” order in the system:

  1. Login via the ACCOUNT page.
  2. Select the Credit Card tab.
  3. Your pending order should be listed.
  4. Click the Pay button and follow the prompts to enter your date of birth and credit card details.

Changing your details (especially for new orders)

  1. Login via the ACCOUNT page.
  2. Select the Account Details tab.
  3. Select which option is required (shipping/contact or password)
  4. Update and submit your details.
  5. Any subsequent subscription orders you create, and any Whisky of the Month orders we process will now use these updated details.

How to save your Clubhouse Card to your phone

All Members automatically gain access to discounts and specials offered at The Whisky Club clubhouses across the country.
To save the Clubhouse card image to your phone please:

  1. Login via the ACCOUNT page.
  2. Find your clubhouse card under the Member Card tab.
  3. Click the “Get Card” button to generate your personal member Card
  4. Simply tap and hold to save to your phone and present this image at participating bars for discounts.