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Get world-best whiskies not normally found in Australia shipped directly to your door each month along with unrivalled education and guidance, helping you to confidently grow and enjoy a cracking whisky collection.

Click the images below for a taste of our past single malts and join the Club now for exclusive access to more exciting drams like this each month and great Member perks.


Whisky is what this club is all about and extreme care is taken to select a winning whisky each month. The key criteria in selecting the Club’s Whisky of the Month is that it should taste absolutely smashing. After that we look for whiskies that you won’t see on the shelves of liquor stores, whiskies that have a true story to tell; these whiskies are harder to find, but ever so rewarding.

We don’t deal in parallel imports so you can rest assured all our exceptional whiskies are official and authentic imports direct from the distilleries. In fact, we’re actively transforming the Australian whisky landscape as following a whisky’s success with our Members distilleries will often decide to start distributing to Australia.

Join the Club and each month you’ll have the opportunity to receive an unbelievably good whisky accompanied by unrivalled education and guidance, helping you to confidently grow a cracking whisky collection.