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Aberlour Casg Annamh Batch 0001 Exclusive to The Whisky Club

Aberlour Casg Annamg Batch 0001 Exclusive to The Whisky Club

November 2018 Whisky of the Month:

We just can’t keep it secret any longer…The Whisky Club is bringing the new Aberlour Single Malt to Australia!
AND we’ve snared the lion’s share of the world’s total stock of the highly collectible Batch 0001!
That’s right – we teamed up with the legends responsible for cult sensation A’bunadh for the Official Australian launch of the first bottling of their next malt whisky legend in the making: Aberlour Casg Annamh (Rare Cask)
This highly acclaimed Small Batch is the result of selecting the best rare Oloroso Sherry casks for a distinctly rich and fruity triple matured malt – and we’re thrilled to confirm it more than lives up to the hype!
Deeply rich and intense with tangy orange, glazed cherries, raisins and a hint of ginger, layered with apple and cinnamon crumble and ripe peaches, all perfectly balanced with spicy notes of liquorice and clovesJust crazily delicious.
Sign Up Now to get your hands on Batch 0001 for just $115 (RRP $149.99) and you’ll also gain access to a secret whisky from the biggest name in luxury Scotch – both Exclusive to the Club.
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Country of Origin:


Distillery History:
Nestled in the heart of Speyside and surrounded by water lies the picturesque Aberlour Village, home to the legendary distillery of the same name. The Lour Burn – ‘the chattering burn’ – runs alongside, the Birkenbush Springs above supply crystal clear waters for the whisky, drained over the pink granite of Ben Rinnes, and of course the village sits on the banks of the mighty River Spey. The village of Aberlour is a special place, said from ancient times to have a magical relationship with water. Sounds like the perfect place to make whisky then… and make whisky they did.

The first Aberlour distillery was founded way back in 1825 by James Gordon and Peter Weir. Weir left just one year after and the distillery continued operation until co-lessees James and John Grant left in 1833 to build Glen Grant down the road in Rothes before falling silent and later being destroyed by a fire.

In 1879 however the legend as we know it today was born. James Fleming, a local farmer’s son, had been working as a grain dealer supplying distilleries and had caught the whisky bug. Inspired by the exceptionally pure spring water flowing from St. Drostan’s Well he decided to build a new distillery in Aberlour, and so he did. With the mission to craft a whisky of distinction at Aberlour, James designed the buildings and much of the machinery himself, and within a year he was capable of producing some 7,273 litres per week.

The distillery flourished and became the backbone of the village and James became a bit of a local legend. Living by the mantra of ‘let the deed show’, a creed that showed through not only in the whisky, but in how he gave back to the town and the people around him, James built the local hospital and the town hall, and in his will left money to construct the “Penny Brig”, a suspension bridge built for villagers to cross the River Spey safely after a young boy’s life was taken by the waters. To this day, Aberlour let their actions speak louder than their words, as they continue to ‘let the deed show’ in both their whisky and their community. Every year in February the team pours a bottle of 12-year old into the Spey to mark the beginning of the salmon fishing season, an important ritual encouraging the fish to bite, and especially important to the locals who retain unique rights to fish in the famous river.

Nearing the end of his days James sold the distillery to Robert Thorne. & Sons in 1892 and passed away not long after 1895. Fire struck again in 1898 when an explosion in the mill room destroyed a large part of the distillery. All was not lost because the setback presented an excellent opportunity to modernise the distillery and Scotland’s leading distillery designer, Charles Doig of Elgin, was promptly enlisted to bring everything back up to speed again.

Aberlour was sold to W.H. Holt & Sons in 1921, then became part of Campbell Distillers in 1945. The distillery powered through the mid-century and eventually was expanded to 4 stills and modernised in 1973 to cope with the ever-increasing demand from Dewar’s, of which Aberlour is a key ingredient. Knowing a good thing when they see it, Pernod Ricard snapped up Aberlour in 1974 and it remains part of their whisky division, Chivas Brothers, to this day.

In the years since, Aberlour has specialised in Sherry cask maturation, gaining a serious cult following all over the world alongside the two other sherry houses, Glenfarclas and Glendronach, particularly for their legendary A’Bunadh – a 100% Oloroso matured cask strength malt considered by many as the best sherry matured whisky on the market today.

Some 62 batches of A’Bunadh have been released over the years, and A’Bunadh has become the world’s go-to cask strength sherry bomb. But now the whisky wizards at Aberlour have a new potion to tempt you with… it’s called Casg Annamh, and you’re getting from the Club this month.

About Aberlour Single Malt Whisky:
Every seasoned whisky lover knows that not all sherried malts are equal. It takes a special spirit not only to stand up to sherry casks, but to flourish, and Aberlour has just that. The distillery’s deep, crisp and fruity spirit, particularly a distinctive blackcurrant note, is a perfect match for first fill ex-Oloroso sherry casks, gaining weight and a toffee-like sweetness over time.

It’s precisely this unique match between spirit and barrel that’s turned Aberlour into the legend that it is today and we’re delighted to be part of the Aberlour story this month as we introduce the new legend in the making, Casg Annamh.

Meaning ‘rare cask” in Gaelic, Casg Annamh is different beast to its fabled sibling, the A’Bunadh. Whereas the latter is considered by many to be a cask strength version of the distillery’s staple 100% sherry 10 or 12 Year Olds, Casg Annamh hints at a superior cask selection with Master Distiller Graeme Cruickshank combining Oloroso sherry, American oak ex-bourbon and traditional, or refill, casks to craft an elegant, complex and exceptionally balanced single malt with a velvety richness.

This is where it becomes really fun… There are people out there on a mission to collect a bottle from every single batch of A’Bunadh ever made and Casg Annamh has the potential to be an equally serious collector’s item. The good news is you’ve just got a massive head start on the rest of the world because we’ve secured the lion’s share of the world’s total Batch 0001 stock in the process and you’ll be thanking the whisky gods for years to come that you’ve got your hands on the inaugural bottling of the brand new legend! So make sure you have one to drink and one to keep!

$115 per bottle + $15 flat fee postage (RRP $149)

Age on release:


Maturation regime:
A small batch vatting from whisky matured in European Oak ex-Oloroso sherry butts, American oak ex-bourbon casks and Traditional casks, or hogsheads, which are second fill Scotch whisky casks.
Aberlour quick facts
Region: Speyside
Place of origin: Aberlour Distillery, Aberlour, Banffshire, AB38 9PJ, Scotland
Founded: 1879
Water source: Birkenbeck Spring
Number of stills: 2 wash stills, and 2 spirit stills
Capacity: 3,900,000 litres per annum

Tasting Notes:
Colour: Golden Amber
Nose: Deep, rich and sweet with fruity notes of tangy orange, glazed cherries, raisins and a hint of ginger
Palate: Sweet and fruity with layers of apple and cinnamon crumble and ripe peaches balanced with spicy notes of liquorice and cloves
Finish: Long, rich and fruity with a touch of dry spice

Food match:
Savoury: a spread of brie, mild comté, pork paté with apple or pear chutney
Sweets: apple crumble, toffee apple or caramel spiced fudge