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Belgrove Pinot Noir Single Cask

Whisky Club Rye! Get set for a show stopping Pinot Noir Single Cask from Tassie’s one and only Belgrove.

We’ve sipped some truly special drams on our mission to find the finest local whisky… and then we came across this Pinot Noir Single Cask selected for us by the one and only Peter Bignell from Belgrove Distillery!

As close as you’ll get to a traditional farm distillery from the 18th century, a pilgrimage to Belgrove has become mandatory for whisky enthusiasts across the globe keen to see “the world’s greenest distillery”; a zero waste, closed loop system making world class whisky from Peter’s own ryecorn.

Oh, and did we mention this Club exclusive Rye whisky is pure heaven?

Presenting delicately on the nose with apricot jam, bubble gum and sprinkle of sherbet, it’s beautifully oily on the palate with cereal, nuts and nougat and signature spicy pepper and brown sugar.

Bottled at a meticulously perfect 50% ABV and in very limited numbers, this exclusive small batch single cask whisky is a stunning piece of Australian whisky history.

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Colour:  Tawny
Nose: Smooth and creamy, it’s delicate on the nose with apricot jam, bubble gum and sprinkle of sherbet. 
Palate:  Strong cereal notes, with Rye bread, nuts and grains. Nougat and some pepper mingle with citrus fruits and brown sugar. An excellent mouthfeel and pleasant, oily texture.
Finish:  Long and gentle, the sweetness makes way allowing a persistent rye to gently fade away.