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Refer a friend and help grow the Club

We currently enjoy access to some of the best whisky vaults in the world, but with the added buying power of a larger membership we’ll keep getting better and better whiskies. You can help by spreading the word and we’ll reward you with ‘thank you’ whisky for each new active member you sign up.

It works like this:

  1. This offer is open to members of The Whisky Club, click here to join if you’re not yet a member. Invite your friends and get them to list you as the referrer when they sign up, very easy.
  2. Each successful referral earns you a Tastes of Scotland set as a special thank you. Each set contains 3 x 50ml tasting samples, comprising of Johnnie Walker Black Label, The Singleton Spey Cascade and Talisker Skye. (Your taster set will be sent out after your referral’s second purchase from The Whisky Club, thereby making them an ‘active member’).
  3. In addition to the reward described in point 3, above, the Club member with the most successful referrals by 31/12/17 wins a 2015 Rare Release Gift Pack worth $3,700. This unprecedented gift pack contains miniature samples of Brora 37yo, The Cally 40yo, Clynelish Select Reserve, Lagavulin 12yo, Port Ellen 32yo, Caol Ila 17yo, Dailuaine 34yo, Pittyvaich 25yo and Dalwhinnie 25yo.
  4. Referees must credit their referrers by entering their name in the “Referrer” field on the checkout page. Only referrals that come through this system will be counted. We truly appreciate all prior referrals that you have made, but please note the 2015 Rare Release Gift Pack promotion is only for referrals made between 19/04/17 and 31/12/17.
  5. We all get to enjoy better and better whiskies as the months roll by, and share in an increasing number of member perks, including domestic and overseas field trips, tastings and nationwide network of Clubhouses.

Pretty amazing, right? Get your mates involved!

T&C apply, please click here to view these.

Leader board as of 2 November

1st Place – tied on three referrals each: Frank Hemelaar & Alan Richardson

2nd Place – tied on two referrals each: Phil de Jong, Nigel Honey, Len Bullivant, Owen Rockley, Matthew Wilson, Tony Roberts, Duncan Yuille, Angus Jones, Craig Martin, Jeremy Watson tied on two referrals each

3nd Place – tied on one referral each: Aaron Houghton, Aasheem Saini, Adam Straub, aidan Kimber, Alan Zhang, Andrew Callaghan, Andrew Leung, Andrew Rollisson, Anthony Edler, Anthony Murphy, Ashley Boburka, Ben Peacock, Benjamin Marshall, Brad Boron, Brendan Flynn, Brent McArdle, Chris Bray, Chris Davey, Clint Bryant, Craig Walker, Dan Graf, Daniel Jones, Daniel Shields, Dave Crossley, David Hodgson, David Meek, David Nebauer, David Newton, David Rowe, David Spencer-Cotton, Duane Buckley, Edwin Johnstone, Hayden Lambert, Jack Pilkington, Jacob Spencer, Jacques Morin, James Bell, James Harrison, James Hickey, Jennifer Yuan, Jeremy Cowan, Jeremy Jacobs, Jeremy McNamara, Jeremy Weetman, Joe Sefton, Joel Bramhill, Joel Saddington, John Benson, John Jarvis, John Nicholls, John Owens, Jon Harris, Josh Roelink, Justin Edwards, Justin Woodmore, Katherine Morris, Kieran Hanley, Kim Roberts, Kristopher Crompton, Lachlan Bell, Lee Sloan, Liam O’Riley, Lyntton Tonta, Mark Halliwell, Martin Shears, Martin van Mierlo, Mathew Smith, Nicholas Whennan, Nick van Someren, Nihir Shah, Owen Pacewicz, Paul Blundell, Peter Noakes, Peter Oakes, Peter Ruddle, Philip Mckenzie, Philip Restuccia, Raymond Tindall, Richard Brookes, Richard Burgers, Richard Cross, Rob Beckwith, Robert Becker, Rowan Armstrong, Sam Scanlan, Sameer Morar, Samuel McCarty, Sarah Jane Kelly, Simon Ayers, Simon Burke, Simon Cook, stephen Dixon, Stephen Swyers, Steve Hanson, Tim Barnes, Todd Poynter, Tom Csermelyi, Tony Boon, Travis McMaugh, Tristan Mares, U-Wen Low