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The Whisky Club’s Whisky of the Year 2018

2018 has been an incredible year at The Whisky Club. We’ve partaken in some extraordinary single malt exclusives and now we’d love to know which was your favourite! Vote for your Whisky of the Year and be sure to leave a comment below for your chance to win a free bottle of our January whisky, the World Exclusive Hellyers Road 16 Year Old Tasmanian Single Malt.

The Whisky Club's Whisky of the Year 2018


The silver-tinned 20 Year Old Single Cask Glenlossie set lofty standards


We set the bar high for 2018 right from the very start, with the smashing Glenlossie 20 Year Old Single Cask bottled for us by the legendary Signatory Vintage.


The Club's first Australian whisky, the Limeburners P.X. Sherry Cask


February was a month of firsts, the Limeburners P.X. Sherry Cask was not only the Club's first Australian whisky, it also was also the first to wear our Created Exclusively for The Whisky Club badge.


Ireland meets Japan with the Glendalough 13 Year Old Mizunara Finish


We spotted a few tipsy leprechauns on St Patrick's day when East met West in the Glendalough 13 Year Old Mizunara Finish, the incredible Irish Whiskey finished in the ultra rare Mizunara oak casks from Japan. A real favourite that we couldn't get enough of!


The morish Arran Moscatel was full of flavours


In April we enjoyed another rare cask variety, with the 2008 Arran Moscatel Cask, one of only a handful of 100% Moscatel cask matured whiskies ever produced.


P.X., Mizunara, Moscatel... next stop Manzanilla with Inchmurrin


The range of styles the Loch Lomond distillery can turn out is second to none, and the 2009 Inchmurrin Manzanilla Finish Single Cask was the perfect example of just what they are capable of.


The Tullibardine The Murray Châteauneuf-du-Pape was the perfect winter warmer.


With its French wine finish bringing plenty of red fruits and toffee, the Tullibardine The Murray 2005 Châteauneuf-du-Pape was the perfect accompaniment to the fire place this June.


Creme Brûlée in a bottle, the Armorik Whisky de Bretagne


The Club celebrated its 4th Birthday in July with the perfect whisky to mark the occasion, the Armorik Whisky de Bretagne. It's like drinking cake, yum!


The English Whisky Co. charmed us in August


Like a little red roadster, but without the leaks on your driveway. The English Whisky Company put together a charming small batch just for us in August.


By hand and by heart... by golly The Glenturret was good


With just a hint of peat, The Glenturret was the perfect way to warm into Spring this September.


The Aussie revival of the legend of the Lowland, Bladnoch


Thanks to Aussie entrepreneur David Prior, legendary Lowland distillery's stills have been fired up again, and we celebrated in October with the amazing Bladnoch Cask Strength, created exclusively for The Club.


The birth of Aberlour's new icon


November was time to welcome the new Aberlour icon, with Batch 0001 of the new Casg Annamh a very welcome addition to the shelves of both whisky drinkers and collectors alike.


All hail the king of luxury scotch, The Macallan Classic Cut 2018


Who else loves a Royal visit? We do, though we'll take The Macallan Classic Cut 2018 before Lizzie and Phil any day.


The Glenrothes Whisky Maker's Cut is our kind of Christmas cracker


What a way to wrap up 2018... Australia's first look at the brand new Soleo Collection from The Glenrothes, The Whisky Maker's Cut made for the perfect festive tipple.

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The Whisky Club's Whisky of the Year 2018

So there you have it, another year done and dusted! A year’s worth of hugely popular whiskies, and we can’t wait to see which was your favourite – vote for yours and leave a comment below. Of course, we’ve got even more incredible single malts lined up for 2019 exclusively for our Members, starting with our World Exclusive Hellyers Road 16 Year Old Tasmanian Single Malt plus some hugely exciting Club developments to be announced very soon…



  1. I liked them all, but the stand out for me was the Tullibardine The Murray 2005 Châteauneuf-du-Pape such an amazing drop.

  2. So many greats this year but for me… The Glenlossie ❤️❤️❤️ Three wasn’t enough ?
    Thanks for another great year past and to come ?

  3. Unfortunately my financial situation didn’t allow me to purchase any whisky’s in 2018 (hoping that changes for this year), but the one I was most looking forward to trying (and dissapointed that I couldn’t) was the Aberlour.

  4. For me it was the Glendalough 13 Year Old Mizunara Finish, I found it my favourite of the year by far! Look forward to this year’s whisky!

  5. Seriously regret not doubling up on the Tullibardine The Murray 2005 Châteauneuf-du-Pape. Best of the year in my opinion!

  6. Definitely the Glenlossie for me, it was brilliant. Still annoyed I didn’t double up on it, was the only one I didn’t double up on all year?

  7. Oh! How can you decide what the best is unless for a large miracle you haven’t drunk them all already and so compare them side by side. Loved the Bladnoch, Glendalogh, and Tullibardine the Murray, but will go with The English.

  8. The Glendalough was fantastic as so is the Bladnoch!!!

    (I haven’t opened the Aberlour, i don’t think it’ll let me down though)

  9. The Glendalough for me, love it glad I got two bottles as the 1st went quick. Looking forward to tasting many more in 2019

  10. Not only was The Tullibardine amazing. The case/packaging lifted it to a whole new level

  11. Limeburners for me. Took a while for it to open up. But once it did, it cemented itself as my favourite for the year.

  12. Tullibardine The Murray in June Was my favourite. From how it’s packaged to the last drop was 11/10.

  13. Would have to be the Macallan classic cut, with the Glenlossie coming in as a close second favorite this year

  14. Bladnoch and Glenrothes were both incredible deep colour and rich flavour profile! Can not wait for this years goodies

  15. Toss up between The Murray and the Classic Cut, but I’d have to give it to the Classic as it was the biggest surprise.

  16. Glenlossie for me. Wonderful stone fruit and almond I thought. And the further into the bottle the better it got.

  17. It is a tough choice with an amazing array of fabulous drams to consider. If there can only be one winner for me it would be Tullibardine’s The Murray only just edging out the Glenturret. There was something extra special about the red wine finish that made it such a unique drop.

  18. I must say the glendalough mizunara cask was a standout. The English and Bladnoch were also spectacular but we were spoilt for choice in 2018. What a selection. Looking forward to 2019.

  19. The Glenturret was my pick amongst many worthy contenders – smooth is an an overused word to describe whiskies, but it sure is apposite for this drop.

  20. The Bladnoch definitely gets my vote. Finished one bottle and the second bottle is not yet opened till a rainy day ?

  21. I am torn between the Aberlour and the Glenrothes, but I think I have to go with Glenrothes because it got additional rave reviews from the family members I allowed a (very) small sip at Christmas.

  22. The Glendalough was unreal, smooth as butter and unique as hell. Definitely stands out in a year that was dominated by Scotch as well, even though all those were amazing in their own right.

  23. I was unfortunately not a member until this Month. However, I would of offered a sizable sacrafice for a bottle of Macallan Classic Cut 2018

  24. Tullibardine The Murray Châteauneuf-du-Pape was my favourite closely followed by Limeburners and the Glendalough!

  25. Armorik, mainly because it’s something I would have never come across/thought of if it wasn’t for the club!

  26. Bladnoch 10 hands down is the most flavoursome and complex Whisky I’ve ever had the pleasure of tasting!!

  27. Unfortunately wasn’t able to get every months, but of those I did, pretty close between the limeburners and the aberlour

  28. Glendalough, Glenrothes then the Bladnoch for me. Couldn’t go past the uniqueness of the Glendalough 🙂

  29. Definitely the Amorik! Was subtly sweet, and the bourbon barrelling gave it a unique edge. Very French ☺️

  30. Glendalough mizunara was my favorite.
    2018 went out with this gem!
    Couldn’t think of a better whiskey to finish the year off with.

  31. Very difficult choice given the quality on offer this year but the Loch Lomond Inchmurrin is my choice. Apologies to Glenrothes, Arran, Glenlossie & Tullibardine

  32. Tullibardine The Murray Châteauneuf-du-Pape, This was an amazing drop. From the very moment I saw what was in the bottle I was excited, Such intense colour, opening the bottle was the moment I knew I was in for a treat. The warm spicy aroma of berry and spice and a pepperyness in the nose. (slight shiver remembering the moment) Fortunately I doubled up, I got to experience the joy and winter glow from this exceptional single malt. Truly blessed to have experienced it and one in reserve for another special occasion. But then again just opening this makes it a special occasion. Thank you Whisky Club for acquiring this for your members, I do believe that I may be a member for life now. Salvete!

  33. The Macallan Classic cut was truly delicious. Warm with the classic taste of the sherry cast.

  34. For me it was the Glenrothes. So deep and rich it was a perfect Christmas drop, and that I was drinking a dram when I found out that I was going to be a Dad fir the first time will also hold it in special stead for me.

  35. I keep going back to the Glen Turret. I seem to find something new in aroma and on the palate with each new dram. It’s like watching a good movie multiple times and discovering something new each time.

  36. The Armorik. Different, It hasn’t left my thoughts. Delicious. I may need another if available?

  37. Abelour and inchmurrin were my favourites. Was a bit unimpressed with the Glenrothers. Previous yrars xmas one was better.

  38. Loved the Aberlour. I’d been contemplating joining the club & this sealed the deal for me.

  39. Glenrothers was my favorite
    That could be because I joined in November and it was the first one to arrive ?

  40. Favorite of the year was the Tullibardine The Murray Châteauneuf-du-Pape. Love my whiskey and love my wine. Went straight into a decanter and did not last the week! Fruity and spicy flavours with a rich texture – amazing combination and can’t wait for this year’s drop!

  41. All great when eating the right food and in the right mood which is always. But the Aberlour kept on keeping on.

  42. Has to be the Macallan Classic Cut – another magnificent dram from the supreme distillery.

  43. Tough choice but the cask strength Bladnoch 10 gets the nod for me. Loved the sweetness and very easy to drink for the abv. Second for me was the Loch Lomond Inchmurrin and close third is the Limeburners

  44. The Bladnoch is definitely the whiskey of the year. It was so much fun to experiment with adding a few drops of water which brought out the aromas and opened up the flavour of this whiskey. This was so much fun to experiment with this whiskey.

  45. My first year in the club joining in March. Many excellent whiskies on offer making it very difficult to choose just one. As a frequent flyer at WhiskyLive events and Dan Murphy tasting shows I get to try a big variety of single malts and blends. Having said that there is always 1-2 stand outs at any event. From the clubs offerings this year I think I most enjoyed The English, it was just a straight up and down good drop. My vote however is going to the Glendalough Mizunara. Ive never had a dram quite like it. I couldn’t define the flavour as it was the first Mizunara finish I had tasted. Just weird, just unique.

  46. The he Limeburners P.X. Sherry Cask was my top, but the Glendaloch came in a very very very close second. What a sensational year.

  47. Honestly a very difficult decision. But a decision that left me very thirsty.
    It was my first Te trying Glendalough and it certainly didn’t disappoint, Amorik and Glenrothes I’ve had a few bottles before. Including the Amorik we had in the previous year which was so good I had to ask for a second bottle, they were all very close runners up to me. But ‘The Murray’ to me. Just got the edge. It was the perfect time of year for it with the cold tassie winters and such warming flavour.

  48. Supporting the Aussie Dram!!

    I’m voting the Limeburners from Feb.
    There was a few i had to get..

    This was a must for me!!

    So lock it in….

  49. My membership started with the Bladnoch which I’d tried with a friend who was a member. Showed me why the Club whiskies are so special. It remains the standout favourite – it and the Macallan were the ones I purchased extra of for family gifts. Love the intensity of the Bladnoch, even over the clarity and quality of the Macallan.

  50. The Glenrothes – what an awesome dram to toast Saint Nick! It was only my third expression since joining, couldn’t be happier with the value and range the Club offers, looking forward to an awesome 2019, Best, David

  51. A late starter in 2018 but for me the Aberlour was my favourite. Rich and spicy with not too much fruit. I found some of the others had too dominant a fruit flavour and not full bodied enough for my palate. Delighted with the opportunities the Club provides. Best wishes to all in 2019.

  52. I joined in the Glendalough month and wasn’t disappointed, great start, enjoyed them all but my vote has to go to the The Glenturret! Just a superb Scottish Single Malt, wish I had doubled up.

  53. Limeburners! This one would be my favourite club whisky since joining, and I seriously regret not doubling up. Here’s hoping the Hellyers maintains the high bar set by their Australian counterparts

  54. Hard to choose as so many great ones,
    My favourites of the year were the Murray, the Christmas Glenrothes one, and also the macallan classic cut.
    If I had to put it down to one it would be the macallan classuc cut.
    Amazing drop.

  55. The glendalough was pretty special just one I keep going back to so many great ones this year but this one for me takes the cake

  56. Happy New Year to you all!

    The Glenlossie for sure – wish I had doubled up on that

    Any chance that any stock leftover from previous month could be offered the following month or at the end of the year for those of us who cant afford to double up on an unknown? I don’t mind paying these prices to buy extras of the ones I love for those I love!! Would make for a truly epic New Year for us ex-pat Scots.

  57. Bery hard decision but I think the Tullibardine just edged out the Macallan. I think. I better go try them again.

  58. Definitely the Macallan Classic Cut 2018. Thank you Whisky Club for a fine selection of Whiskies!

  59. I think the Tullibardine just edges out the Macallan. But I will go and have another of each just to make sure.

  60. The Glenrothes, The Whisky Maker’s Cut by far the winner for me. Absolutely one of the finest whiskey we had this year

  61. Limeburners P.X. Sherry Cask, Glendalough Mizunara Finish, Glenturret and Tullabardine ‘The Murray’ were all great, but my top vote has to go to The Glenrothes Whisky Maker’s Cut. The slightly higher ABV matched beautifully with the delicate spice, fruitiness and vanilla and the fact that even at 48% it doesn’t burn, goes to show the quality of the whisky! Definitely a winner in my books.

  62. The title said it all “The Glenrothes Whisky Maker’s Cut is our kind of Christmas cracker”

  63. It’s a tie! As much as I loved the Glenturret and it’s hand-crafted peaty, lightly smoked finish, the Tullibardine The Murray Châteauneuf-du-Pape was such a great drop as well – the best part was having enough of 2017’s The Murray leftover to compare!!

  64. As a cask strength man, I want to say the Bladnoch, but the Glenlossie was an impressive start to the year and held up throughout.

  65. The Glenrothes for me. Unfortunately I made the mistake of gifting it as a Christmas present to my father in law ? but still managed to taste a couple of drams. A great dram at Christmas time!

  66. Glendalough 13 Year Old Mizunara Finish & the The Tullibardine The Murray Châteauneuf-du-Pape were my two favorites.
    But I have also not gotten around to drinking them all yet!!!

  67. The Tullibardine The Murray Chateuneuf-de- Pape for me! Judgment probably clouded by winning one of the bottles of red in your give-away. Fantastic whisky anyway???

  68. ive gotta say i really enjoyed the Limeburners. it was the first bottle i have bought from this mob and i have been impressed. looking forward to now visiting the distillery

  69. In amongst some awesome monthly offerings, the Glendalough was the standout for mine. Just delicious! Can’t wait to see that gems you unveil this year!!

  70. Hard to choose only one. Going for the Aberlour, with honourable mention to the Glenrothes.

  71. Tullibardine hands down! Visited the distillery in October as well and it was amazing! the history of the place and the way they nurture the spirit was outstanding. never had anything quite like it and unfortunately only got the single bottle!

  72. A number of great whiskies in 2018 and for me it’s the Glenlossie by a short nose!

  73. Glenlossie hands down have given out a few samples to people and everyone has raved about it!!

  74. For me the whisky of the month has to be The Tullibardine The Murray Châteauneuf-du-Pape.
    The Murray was my first whisky and as such holds a dear place in my memory as a perfect introduction to this amazing club. Simply glorious!

  75. I was really surprised and impressed with the Bladnoch. Would have been nice to try the Glenlossie, but I was slow to the game!

  76. I’ll vote for Limeburners. World class! It had to be to beat the field this year, but with clear Aussie flavours and added PX sweetness, wow!

  77. Loch Lomand Inchmurrin has to be tops as it’s where I had my first date with my now wife, followed very close by Glenturret the amazing Bladnoch

  78. May was my favourite bottling, the Loch Lomond Inchmurrin Cask, wasn’t thrilled with it at first but after some oxidisation it’s opened up to me and has a delicious buttery, oily mouthfeel that I’m now really enjoying. Thanks The Whisky Club, looking forward to our next 12 months together.

  79. It’s the Tullibardine for me, delightfully complex flavours. The Mrs would have voted for the Bladnoch, but this is my account so I get final say ?

  80. So many great whiskies but The Glendalough Mizunara gets my vote. A truly unique whisky for me as it was my first taste of the Japanese Mizunara and I quite liked it.

  81. I cannot single one out.
    To me both The Maccalan & The Glenrothes were the stand outs of 2018.

  82. Bladnoch for me!!! Clean crisp smooth drinking – very slight citrus herbaceous finish -has that wonderful nasal throat kick of a truly wonderful whisky

  83. As a relatively new member i can only pick those few i have tried. Would love to have tries that px Limeburners, but number 11, the Aberlour gets my pick. Lovely little drop, not overly complex, but a charming friend for a relaxing evening. Still so excited to be part of this Clan. Look forward to seeing how things develop. Happy new year guys and girls.

  84. The Arran was definitely my favorite however my wife argues that The English was also a standout!

  85. The Glenrothes nailed it; a true treasure for the festive season — or really any time. What a way to see out a massive year and in anticipation of what’s next for 2019.

  86. I love the Glendalough style, and the mizunara finish 13yo was magnificent.
    So many others to love, but that was my favourite, and the one I regret not having bought by the caseload!

  87. The 3 winter whiskys were all truly amazing, but the Bladnoch Cask Strength in October gets my vote… This epic whisky delivers flavour bombs to your palate that linger and evolve, before mellowing into a sweetness that you don’t often experience with cask strength releases! Wish I had doubled up on this one for sure