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As every whisky lover knows, all good things start with a dram. But what if that dram came direct from the whisky maker and could be shared by tens of thousands of whisky lovers right around the country at the same time?

Whisky nuts Bertie and Emily decided to find out. They gave up executive gigs in the global drinks trade to move back to Australia’s beautiful whisky isle, get hitched and set up the coolest kind of family business they knew how, via a stint leading marketing at the biggest (non-whisky!) membership club for Em and at Sullivan’s Cove for Bertie where he chose their world-best winning whisky.

And so The Whisky Club was born.

The Club’s success has been down to a painfully simple rationale: work with our great whiskymaking friends around the world to bring us a superb whisky each month - incredible exclusives you couldn’t otherwise get your hands on - and send it out to fellow whisky lovers to enjoy.  Above all though, we treat our fellow Members like whisky family; get them the best whisky and give them five star Member service, amazing Member Perks and incredible value for money thanks to our awesome buying power. And have a whole lot of whisky fun together in the process.

The result?

Fast forward to today and pretty much every whisky lover you speak to anywhere in Australia is either already a Member or knows a Member who’s shared a special dram with them or raved about the experience (thanks guys!). Together, we've created a small slice of whisky heaven on earth.

Now, as by far Australia’s biggest community of whisky lovers, and possibly the biggest in the world, we enjoy an unrivalled economy of scale through our very special relationships with the world’s greatest distilleries. This means lip-smacking tailor-made, limited-edition whiskies made to spec exclusively for our Members, many of which now trade on the second-hand market for silly prices (personally we prefer just drinking the stuff, but each to their own!), unmatched Member experiences like bucket-list whisky trips to Scotland and the most extensive network of whisky bars and events treating our Members like royalty with preferential pricing and access.

The Whisky Club is Australia’s biggest whisky club many times over - and for good reason. Join us on an epic whisky journey now.

As a proudly Tasmanian family business we're based in Hobart, bang in the middle of Tassie whisky heartland, and our Friday ‘tasting and testing’ sessions can get pretty involved when a local distiller or two drops in with something special from a cask... someone's got to do the hard work! So if you make it down again after the covid crisis, give us a yell, we love to catch up with our Members and who knows what delights are on the tasting table that afternoon!

In the meantime we look forward to welcoming you into our whisky family and sharing some great drams and good times at home along the way.


Bertie, Emily and the team.

PS If all this sounds like your calling in life (and you’re good at dad jokes and marketing, whisky or design), drop us a line, we might just have your dream job waiting for you.

Recent Club Classics

Here’s what you’ve been missing…

Seriously exceptional malt whisky, that’s what! We’d be lying if we said it’s a tough job. There’s nothing we love more than tasting our way through some of the world’s very best single malt each month with our distillery partners to select their absolute best whisky specially for our Members.

Join the Club today to confidently grow and enjoy a world-class whisky collection accompanied by unrivalled education and guidance straight from the people who made it.

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September 2021

Cracking whisky. Yummo.
Member since 2021

August 2021

Westward have completely out done themselves. This special release rum cask is just amazing at 62%. it is seriously smooth. Truly an amazing whisky to keep in the collection.
Member since 2019

July 2021

This Tomatin, it's like drinking a cake, but it punches you. Thank you so much.
Member since 2021

June 2021

Vanilla on the nose, citrus and chocolate on the palate, smooth finish!
Member since 2020

May 2021

Absolutely blown away by the Bladnoch! Divine! Wishing I’d gotten 2 now, will be a sad day when this one runs out!
Member since 2020

April 2021

Loved it so much I just ordered another 3 bottles. It's going to be the go-to bottle in our house
Member since 2020

March 2021

This whisky is phenomenal. Tantalisingly tasty notes all round!
Member since 2021

February 2021

This has to be my favourite yet — honey, some subtle spice, bit of chocolate. Four years in Dulce Malaga casks gives this incredible flavour
Member since 2020

January 2021

Warm and sweet spice nose like cinnamon and clove… like a really boozy fruit mince tart with glacé cherries. Rich mouthfeel with a long spicy finish: feisty and dry. Super rich, such a welcome addition
Member since 2020

November 2020

Very moreish...Has a nice thick creamy mouthfeel…Sweet honey, vanilla, pear and a little nutty. Nice finish with a pleasant hit of spice.
Member since 2019

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