Fake Scotch Scandal Rocks Australia

June 07, 2019
 / 1 min

An ABC investigation has just uncovered “a cocktail of counterfeits and questionable labelling” rife throughout the country that’s left whisky drinkers scratching their heads as to how this could ever have happened in Australia (full story here).

But it’s not always clear cut: even if the drink you’re buying doesn’t have a dodgy-looking brand like “The Black Scot”, many retailers are selling famous known-brand parallel imports with unverified provenance.

Is the price you’re seeing too good to be true? Can you be sure it’s authentic? These may not be the first things on your mind when you’re looking for a great single malt, but it always pays to be careful if you value quality.

It’s something we’re passionate about here at The Club, which is why we’re so proud to be closing the gap between distillery and consumer, and delivering greater peace of mind to our Members in the process. We don’t deal in parallel imports, our whiskies are all Official Releases direct from the distilleries themselves for our Members and our single malt Scotch is all bottled for you in Scotland as required by law.

What does this mean?

✅  No risk of famous brand counterfeits or The Black Scot style fakes.

✅  Verified provenance with a personal message from the distillery manager.

✅  No risk of contamination.

✅  Higher collector value.

✅  Peace of mind that what you’re drinking is 100% the real thing and some of the finest whisky the world has to offer, while still delivering value for money due to our huge buying power as Australia’s biggest whisky club.

✅  If you’re serious about quality, experience the new way to buy whisky at The Club.

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