Referral Leaderboard - Talisker

August 14, 2023

We're deeply humbled and incredibly grateful whenever Members recommend us to their friends. So to show our gratitude, we’re offering our Biggest Referral Giveaway ever.

If you've referred a friend, you will receive a very special 200ml thank you gift from Talisker and friends.*

And the Member who refers the most mates to the Club will score a bottle of Talisker Forests of the Deep 44 Year Old, worth more than $6,800.*

Keep referring your whisky-loving friends, and check this page daily to see if your name makes it to the top of the list. Good luck.

1st Jason D  11/06/2020
2nd Ashley D 19/08/2021
3rd Wesley C  23/09/2021
4th Sean W 01/06/2023
5th Dwayne C 24/12/2020
6th Neil M 10/08/2015
7th Revel D 24/12/2018
8th Phil B 16/05/2021
9th Ben G 24/08/2022
10th Craig De P 14/11/2020

*T&Cs apply - Members receive a limited edition Elusive Expressions 200ml single malt from Talisker, Lagavulin or Singleton

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