The whisk(e)y world eagerly awaits Westward Vintage Muscat Cask

November 29, 2023
 / 3 mins

It’s safe to say, excitement for our Westward Vintage Muscat Cask is at fever pitch! Since we dropped the news, our Members went bananas in anticipation of the next release with the craft legends. 

Here’s what they had to say.

But it’s not just Members who are pumped.

People out in whisk(e)y land are also eagerly anticipating our latest collaboration. 

“Born in Oregon and raised in Rutherglen, The Westward Whiskey Vintage Muscat Cask will be sold exclusively through The Whisky Club, as their “Whisky of the Month” for December and will be, to date, the single largest Australian release for Westward,” said drinks trade.

“We have been producing award-winning wines for seven generations and 145 years, and similarly to Westward, we are exceptionally passionate about artful blending traditions and constantly innovating, to create unique and extraordinary drops that people haven’t tasted before, ” Stanton & Killeen Wines Managing Director Wendy Killeen told Drinks Digest.

And with Christmas just a few sips away, it’s gearing up to be the perfect whisk(e)y gift. “If there’s a wine or whiskey connoisseur in your life, this is one they’ll never have tried before,” said

And Man of Many put Westward Vintage Muscat Cask on its Staff Favourites list. 

“Thanks to The Whisky Club, Westward teamed up with the legendary Australian winemakers Stanton & Killeen to create a match made in flavour-filled heaven,” they said.

“The Vintage Muscat Cask is like a festive feast for your taste buds; apricot, lychee, sticky toffee, and a hint of Christmas cake goodness.”

"This must surely be the ultimate gift for whiskey lovers: a fine American whiskey delicately infused with the flavours of a classic Australian muscat," said Food Wine Travel. 

And those who have been lucky enough to attend our Westward launch events have been raving.

“This whiskey is an ABSOLUTE BEAUTY,  said Sona T, Member since 2019. “And for such a full-bodied whiskey, the mouthfeel is oh sooooo soft, sumptuous, and silky. In fact, this release is a testament to phenomenal, expertly crafted balance, and restraint, in the presence of *big*, festive flavours. I’ve served Westward Whiskey at my Christmas table for the past three years. And I’ll proudly share a bottle of this with my family on the 25th, making it four years in a row."

“Really great nose on this drop…upon the first whiff, apricots take the lead with a hint of sultans. The taste is a flavour explosion, dominated by rich raisins and a robust spice kick that lingers and warms the palate. It is a fantastic drop,” said Zac McHardy, Member since 2019.

"...the spirit is bold, smooth and absolutely moreish," said The Plus Ones. “The nose is an enticing blend of apricots and gooey butterscotch. Taking a sip, I was greeted by a mouthful of rich raisins, toffee and fig. This will absolutely be a hit over Christmas. The finish was bold yet harmonious, leaving behind notes of soft citrus, chocolate-laden mocha, candied nuts, and sweet vanilla oak.

"The demand for these releases are evident, with past editions selling out quickly and this release is likely to follow suit... If you’re looking to entertain this festive season, or perhaps buy a special gift for yourself, then get in quickly as this whiskey is a must-have companion to your holiday feast."

“Imagine Christmas in a bottle – fig, spice, fruit, and butterscotch notes,” said whiskefy. "Get ready for a taste journey that transcends time zones and continents."

We couldn’t’ve said it better ourselves. 

If you want to taste what all the fuss is about, make sure you join the Club before midnight Sunday. 

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