Ultimate Whisky Holiday Winners: Jag Bhogal

July 31, 2023
 / 3 mins

Imagine this: Your phone rings. You answer. You get the news. You’ve won a prize! But not just any prize. You just got a call from The Whisky Club telling you you’ve won a trip across the world on a once-in-a-lifetime whisky adventure. Well, many of our Members have received that phone call. And you never know when you’ll be next. 

Today we’re having a chat with Member Jag Bhogal. Jag scored a trip to visit the land of the long white cloud to visit Pōkeno distillery. As you can see by the pictures, an amazing time was had by all!

Alright, over to you, Jag. 

Favourite Club whisky?

Morris Tokay Barrel  and the Glenfarclas Oloroso Sherry Casks.

How long have you been a Member?

Since January 2022.

What did you win?

An all-inclusive trip for two to New Zealand to visit Pōkeno Distillery. 

Where were you when you found out you won?

At home. I logged on to the virtual tasting for Pōkeno but left halfway. My friend Paul and Dean who are also Members called me and told me I won the trip. At first didn’t believe them, so they both took a snapshot of the post and messaged me. 

Have you ever won anything before?

Nothing to date, so I was pretty excited. 

Who did you take with you?

 I took my brother because he got diagnosed with cancer, so thought it will be good for his mindset. I would love to have taken my wife, but she doesn’t drink alcohol. But I made it up to her by booking a family holiday to UK & Europe in August.

What was the highlight of your trip? 

Matt Johns, the founder of Pōkeno, personally picked us up from the airport and gave us a tour around Auckland, sharing his dream project of putting New Zealand on the map as a whisky-producing country. 

What’s your advice to your fellow Members? 

We are part of an incredible club where we get opportunities to try amazing whiskies. Keep those fingers and toes crossed, because your name might pop up in the next competition! 

We've got plenty more AMAZING giveaways in the works. But you've got to be in it to win it. If you're not a Member yet, join the Club free now: www.thewhiskyclub.com.au

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