Cape Byron Tawny Cask
May 2024

Cape Byron Tawny Cask

The first-ever fortified cask whisky from Bruichladdich-famous Jim McEwan’s Aussie distillery. 


Colour Polished teak

Nose Rich fruitcake with bursts of orange, dried apple and apricot, crème brûlée and layers of chocolate.

Palate Juicy orange zest, chewy caramel, dried fruits with a luscious chocolate milkshake sweetness.

Finish Thick and lasting. Candied red fruit, raisins & mocha complement an assortment of oak spices.


Cape Byron Distillery has created their richest whisky to date, just for you and your fellow Members.

Co-owned by Jim McEwan MBE, of Bruichladdich and Bowmore fame, and CEO & Head Distiller Eddie Brook, Cape Byron Distillery is on a tear.

Their ‘Original’ whisky took home both a gold at the 2023 San Francisco World Spirit Competition as well as a Platinum Award and Best Australian Whisky at the 2023 SIP Awards, which were judged by 310 spirit enthusiasts. You can’t ask for much more, one year in.

We’ve been working with Eddie to celebrate this recognition of their hard work with something next level: the distillery’s first ever fortified cask whisky, using three rare 250L Tawny Port hogshead wet-fills from Barossa producer, Dutschke.

As Eddie says, this is their “richest whisky yet – the casks are just rock and roll”.

It started with a bespoke Stone & Wood Australian Pale Ale wort that’s fermented onsite at the distillery. Peter Bailey’s last ever copper pot stills, traditional distillation, Mt Warning volcanic water (which Eddie calls “the wettest water you’ve ever tasted”) and short cut windows provide a clean, classic malt backbone and oiliness, along with distinctive tropical characters of green mango and custard apple in the spirit.

“We want our spirit to shine, in the same way that separates Bruichladdich from other whiskies,” says Eddie. “But we also want to show off our own DNA – I do not want to be a Bruichladdich; it’s so important that we’re Cape Byron.”

The chosen wet-fill Dutschke tawny casks accentuate and marry with those flavours wonderfully.

Buckle up for flavours of zesty orange, juicy red jubes, fruitcake and spicy oak, leading into a rich palate of apricot, orange and triple-choc caramel biscuit. The rich fruit notes from the tawny fill the mid-palate, woven with Cape Byron’s distinctive tropical custard apple note for a long, chocolatey finish.

This future collector’s item is very limited and only for Whisky Clubbers, so if you’re not yet part of the Club, sign up free today before it’s too late to get yours.


Price: $150.00

Age: No Age Statement

ABV: 47%

Maturation: 3 x 250L Dutschke Tawny Port hogsheads

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Cape Byron Distillery's History

Picture this: you’re walking through the middle of a rainforest in Byron, peacefully admiring the smell of petrichor and the alien calls of the lyrebird.

Suddenly, there’s a building ahead of you, but it’s not a house. It looks industrial, but somehow belongs.

You step closer. You realise it’s a distillery. But this is no ordinary distillery. There’s a five metre tall waterfall in the barrel room, for starters. It's a distillery embodies sustainability and innovation.

Cape Byron Distillery, nestled on a 95-acre family farm, blends tradition with new-world techniques to craft exceptional spirits that capture the essence of the Northern Rivers region.

In 1988, Pam and Martin Brook purchased a rundown dairy farm, and in the years since then, not only have they  planted over 40,000 subtropical rainforest trees, transforming the landscape into a sanctuary for birds and wildlife, but they've established a thriving macadamia farm.

Their son Eddie grew up on the farm, but it was the drinks business that called his name. It was through his industry connections with Islay's Bruichladdich Distillery hat Eddie formed a strong relationship with whisky legend Jim McEwan, and the two soon began talk of establishing a gin distillery on the farm.

With Eddie and Jim in partnership, the distillery was firing by 2017, with their first gin made using many botanicals from the farm and other local suppliers.

But of course, the call of whisky production was strong, and the duo distilled their first malt spirit in 2019, using wash from the legends at Stone & Wood brewery. The brewery continue to do their mashing and provide the wort, however the distillery has installed two 8,000 litre fermenters to allow them to brew on-site, using mineral-rich Mount Warning spring water.

The result is a new make spirit bursting with tropical aromas and fruity notes, like pineapple, lychees and citrus, and balanced with sweet cereal notes, pear and apple, with a crisp clean lingering finish and slightly oily mouth feel and texture. The spirit's then aged in a range of casks, predominantly 200L American oak ex-Bourbon barrels and Australian wine and fortified casks.

With the distillery surrounded by the lush subtropical rainforests that stretch from the Hinterland to the most easterly point of mainland Australia, the casks are matured in a unique location that combines sea spray air, earthy fragrance and floral notes, and an incomparable freshness from the rainforest.

For Cape Byron Distillery, sustainability is paramount. Rainwater is harvested for distillation and farm use, and organic waste is composted on-site. The distillery's innovative Biogill technology treats whisky waste, turning it into liquid fertiliser for the farm, closing the loop on waste management. Cape Byron was also the first Australian whisky distillery to become a B-Corp Certified whisky producer, meaning they've attained one of the most demanding certifications, with a criteria of over 350 benchmarks concerning operations, employee treatment, community and environmental impact.

With a commitment to excellence, sustainability, and community, Cape Byron Distillery is not just crafting whisky (and gin); it's writing a new chapter in the story of Australian distilleries, with every sip taking you on a journey from the sea to the depths of the rainforest.

Cape Byron Tawny Cask Cape Byron Tawny Cask

Distillery Facts

Region: New South Wales

Origin: 80 St Helena Road, McLeods Shoot, NSW 2479

Founded: 2017

Water Source: Mt Warning aka Mt Willumbin spring water

Washbacks: 2

Stills: 2 (1 wash, 1 spirit)

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