Fuji 50th Anniversary Edition
May 2024

Fuji 50th Anniversary Edition

This complex and multi-layered whisky is made from liquid aged between 10 and 50 years old. Only 3000 bottles were released worldwide, and we secured a handful just for Club Members. 


Colour Deep gold

Nose Sweet and fragrant aroma of caramel and brown sugar syrup with notes of apricot and melon.

Palate Mellow and smooth mouthfeel, sweet and aromatic with hints of dried pineapple and white peach tart.

Finish A spreading and lingering complex, luscious barrel-aged flavours with a pleasant sweetness.


This complex and multi-layered whisky is made from liquid aged between 10 and 50 years old. Only 3,000 bottles were released worldwide, and we’ve secured a handful for Club Members.

Whisky Hall of Famer, Master Blender Jota Tanaka, has taken whisky from 1973, the distillery’s inaugural year, and selected the very best whisky from the subsequent four decades to create a special limited edition to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the distillery.

A combination of ex-Bourbon, beer-aged, Oloroso Sherry, and red wine casks have been chosen for this blend to create a deliciously complex, multi-layered whisky.

Non-chill filtered, all natural colour and coming in at 52% ABV, this liquid celebration of craftsmanship and finesse overflows with caramel, brown sugar syrup, apricot, melon, white peach tart, luscious barrel-aged flavours and lingering complexity with every sip.

We managed to secure a handful of bottles for Members to celebrate with – and they sold out quickly.


Price: $500.00

Age: No Age Statement

ABV: 52%

Maturation: A combination of ex-Bourbon, beer-aged, Oloroso Sherry, and red wine casks

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Fuji Gotemba Distillery's History

In 1972, four of the biggest names in drinks from around the world joined forces to open a new distillery in Japan. None other than Scotland's Chivas Brothers, Four Roses from the States, Canada's Seagram and the Kirin Brewery Company from Japan formed Kirin-Seagram Ltd. and by late 1973 production was underway at the new site.

Originally known as Gotemba Distillery, with its name later changed to Fuji Gotemba Distillery, it's nestled at the southeastern foot of Mt. Fuji, just 12km from the summit, in the city of Gotemba. At an altitude of 620m above sea level, the distillery enjoys a climate similar to what you'll find in Scotland; cool, with an average temperature of just 13°C and an almost constant blanket of fog, meaning the mountain itself can only be seen around a third of the year.

Fuji Gotemba Distillery is no ordinary distillery, as it uniquely features multiple still types to produce four different types of whisk(e)y. There are pot stills for Scotch-style malt, and a range of column stills to make grain whiskies in the Bourbon, Canadian and Scotch styles. By integrating these with Kirin's brewing technology and expertise, Fuji Gotemba Distillery creates whiskies that are neither Scotch nor Bourbon, but rather a whisk(e)y to fit the culture and tastes of the people of Japan and lovers of Japanese whisky from around the world.

Covering 520,000 square metres, Fuji Gotemba Distillery is the world's largest distillery. It features separate still rooms for the malt and grain stills and its own cooperage and bottling plant. Its unique setup allows it to produce single malts and single grains on site and the world's first-ever Single Blended Whisky. 

All the water used, of course, comes from Mt. Fuji, having fallen as snow before spending more than 50 years to reach the aquifer that runs 100m deep underground. The water, the climate, and the terroir result in a mellow and delicately fruity range of whiskies, every aspect of which is overseen by Master Blender Jota Tanaka. 

With over 30 years of experience in both the US and Japan, Jota San's only the second Master Blender in the distillery's history. Having first joined Kirin in 1988, he soon moved to Napa Valley to work as a winemaker. In 1995 he moved back to Japan and took on Wine Quality Assurance and Product Development for Kirin Distillery Co., before moving to the distillery as a blender in 1998. Jota San ended out Stateside again in 2002 as Director of Quality in charge of Product Development at sister distillery Four Roses in Kentucky, where he created Four Roses Small Batch and their Limited Edition series, among others. 

2010 saw Jota San appointed as Chief Blender for Kirin Whisky, and 2017 was a massive year for him as he was appointed as their second Master Blender, and named Master Blender of the Year at the Icons of Whisky awards. The accolades continued in 2019 when he was inducted into the Order of the Writ – Spirit of Kentucky Bourbon (the US equivalent to Keeper of the Quaich) and then into the World Whisky Awards Hall of Fame in 2022.

Having kept its whisky-making abilities quiet and focusing on the Japanese market until recently, Fuji Gotemba Distillery has won numerous awards including Japanese Whisky of the Year, World's Best Grain Whisky and numerous Gold Medals. As it celebrates its 50th anniversary it's finally heading out into the world, so expect to see a lot more from Fuji Gotemba Distillery in the years to come.

Fuji 50th Anniversary Edition Fuji 50th Anniversary Edition

Distillery Facts

Region: Japan

Origin: 970 Shibanta, Gotemba, Shizuoka 412-0003, Japan

Founded: 1973

Water Source: Mount Fuji

Stills: 4 pot stills, 5 continuous column stills, 3 kettle stills, 1 column doubler still

Capacity: 12,000,000 litres per annum

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