Rabbit Tale Dareringer
February 2024

Rabbit Tale Dareringer

This is your chance to land one of the only Bourbons in the world finished in PX Sherry casks. Rabbit Tale Dareringer has made it to Australia, exclusive to the Club.

United States

Colour Deep amber

Nose Sweet tangerine with dried fruits, cherry and creamy caramel.

Palate Raisins, currants and dark cherries, with a hint of almond and vanilla.

Finish Creamy with forest berries and chewy treacle.


Rabbit Tale Dareringer is a rare beast indeed – a straight Kentucky Bourbon that’s been finished in Casknolia Pedro Ximénez Sherry casks, and one of the only of its kind.

Giving you the best of both worlds, this balanced expression blends modern and traditional whiskey making, and has already taken out a flurry of gold medals.

Earning itself back-to-back Double Gold at San Fran, and then another Gold at the World Whiskies Awards, this mid-February release is going to tease you then delight you. Non-chill filtered, a natural amber colour and smooth as smooth can be at 46.5% ABV, this superb dram shows off with sweet tangerine, creamy caramel and dark cherries. Alongside you’ll find hints of almond and vanilla, with a mouthful of forest berries to follow. There’s a gloriously chewy twist, creating a long, creamy finish.

Rabbit Tale’s mouth-watering, wheated Bourbon is made up of 65% corn, 25% wheat and 10% malted barley, then aged in alligator char barrels (the heaviest char of them all) to really pack in that flavour. Then for the cherry on top, they’ve hand-selected Pedro Ximénez casks from Spain’s artisanal Casknolia Cooperage, to take this from Bourbon to bedazzling.

It’s as silky smooth as they come, and it’s launching in Australia exclusively to Club Members as a mid-month treat.

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Price: $150.00

Age: No Age Statement

ABV: 46.5%

Maturation: Straight Bourbon whiskey finished in Casknolia PX Sherry casks

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Rabbit Tale Dareringer Rabbit Tale Dareringer

Distillery Facts

Region: Kentucky

Origin: 711 E Jefferson St, Louisville, KY 40202

Founded: 2012

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