The GlenDronach 1993 Oloroso Single Cask
September 2023

The GlenDronach 1993 Oloroso Single Cask

Big, decadent, old-school GlenDronach from its glory days — this is a Club favourite in absolute peak form, available only to Members of The Whisky Club. 

United Kingdom

Colour Deep ruby

Nose Date and hazelnut fruitcake with demerara, treacle and notes of polished oak.

Palate Spiced winter fruitcake with walnut, burnt sugar and rich freshly ground coffee.

Finish Rich and mouth-watering. A plethora of dried fruits alongside sticky butterscotch and caramelised oak.


This is old-school, single cask GlenDronach - the type that drives whisky lovers and collectors wild.

Hailing from the era where The GlenDronach still distilled barley from their own floor maltings, ran on traditional coal fired stills (which stopped in 1996 and 2005 respectively), and were renowned for using big, rich, luscious Sherry casks - this is a truly special release. 1993 was a particularly good year, with the vintage rumoured to feature a heavier inclusion of the distillery's own kilned and malted barley. There’s a long queue of people who are aching to get their hands on a release from this period.

Every year, our long-time friend and GlenDronach’s Master Blender Rachel Barrie personally selects a handful of the most exquisite casks from the warehouse to be released. These casks stand out from the rest and the single malt shows truly remarkable characteristics and has developed exceptionally during the long maturation process. A hand-selected single cask from 1993, and the equal oldest exclusive single cask to enter Australia? This is the stuff of whisky legend.

Single cask #4194 is an Aussie exclusive, and at 28 years of age, this decadent dram was distilled on the 26th November 1993, decanted in 2022, and bottled non-chill filtered with no added colour in early 2023.

With spiced winter fruitcake with walnut, ground coffee, dried fruits and sticky butterscotch, this rich and tremendously complex Oloroso Puncheon is for anyone who appreciates classic Sherry bombs.

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Price: $1,100.00

Age: 28 Years Old

ABV: 52.8%

Maturation: Single Oloroso Puncheon #4194

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GlenDronach's History

Known as “the sleeping giant”, GlenDronach is one of Scotland’s oldest distilleries and only the second to be granted a license to produce whisky after the Excise Act of 1823.


The GlenDronach 1993 Oloroso Single Cask The GlenDronach 1993 Oloroso Single Cask

Distillery Facts

Region: Highlands

Origin: Forgue By Huntly, Aberdeenshire, AB5 4DB, Scotland, UK

Founded: 1826

Water Source: Balnoon Burn

Washbacks: 9, wooden

Stills: 4 (2 wash and 2 spirit)

Capacity: 1,400,000 litres per annum

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