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Whisky Club Airlines Is Ready For Boarding

Paging all Whisky Club Members, your Whisky Club Airlines flight is about to commence boarding!

The Whisky Club Airlines Boeing 747 (Actual plane may vary)

Over the last couple of years, thanks to our amazing Members, The Whisky Club has grown exponentially – more than we could have ever imagined – to become the biggest of its kind in the world. Now, Australia’s largest community of whisky lovers gets to not only enjoy incredible one-off releases from Scotland’s and the world’s greatest distilleries, but some amazing giveaways too – from bottles of the whisky of the month through to super rare releases and merchandise. Not only that, Members around the country can enjoy discounted drams at our ever-growing Clubhouse network, along with special pricing at some of the best whisky events.

There’s never been a better time to join the Club. And whilst we’re still not big enough to scare Richard Branson, this year we’re super excited to have launched Whisky Club Airlines, starting with a trip to the rugged-yet-beautiful north-west coast of Tasmania, to visit one of Australia’s largest distilleries and home to our January whisky, Hellyers Road.

Tasmania’s rugged yet beautiful north west coast, home to Hellyers Road Distillery

The joke was made on more than one occasion that people were getting their passport ready for the big trip “overseas” to Tasmania. But this was just the beginning. This year we’re fuelling up the jet to fly lucky Whisky Club Members to whisky experiences that money can’t buy, not only in Australia, but all corners of the globe! Where to exactly? Well we’re not letting that one out of the bag just yet, but needless to say if your passport isn’t in order, get yourself down to the post office as soon as you can and get that sorted.

So, where do you think Whisky Club Airlines might take you? Scotland? You would be fairly safe to think so…

A trip to Scotland? That would have to be a given…

We hear they’re giving Single Malt a try over in the USA these days too, but where? And who?

Where could this be? The USA?

Whisky Club Airlines is standing by with money-can’t-buy whisky experiences for you to win. Get ready to board!

Wherever you go, you know there’s going to be whisky and plenty of it

Where would you like Whisky Club Airlines to take you? Let us know in the comments below. Not yet a Member of Australia’s biggest whisky club? Sign up now for free and get amongst it.



  1. I would love to visit the home of single malt, I mean of course Scotland, I need not here dilate upon its excellence, no doubt it has often been practiced by many. Suffice it to say it has the approbation of Heaven and Earth. And the many distilleries that are enjoyed worldwide are ready for me to visit

  2. Anywhere that produces good single malt whisky/whiskey would be awesome visit especially at someone else’s expense (TheWhiskyClub). ????

  3. Scotland would be a great starting point, but would be happy to visit another whisky distillery location to experience a new dram.

  4. Islay! Visit all 10 distilleries. What a dream come true!
    And imagine flying to the top of Scotland – the very top to visit the Shetland island distillery!

  5. I would love to visit Islay. After buying my first Laphroaig over 20yrs and signing up to their sq foot plot (w a dram a yr rent) its time to collect off the tenant:-)

  6. For something different a trip to The Netherlands to visit Millstone and Zuidam, Islay would be first preference however. Also, WA to visit Limeburners, Whipper Snapper would be cool too.