An illustrated guide to pairing Japanese whisky and food

September 22, 2023
 / 3 mins

The more you know the better it tastes. Feast your eyes on the 101 of pairing Japanese whisky and food.

A killer Japanese whisky paired with the perfect meal is a divine experience — it makes the dram and the dish absolutely sing. Before we dive into the wonderful world of pairing, let’s go over the basics of whisky and food pairing in general. 

  • Shoot for balance. Neither should dominate your palate.

  • The aim of the game is for the whisky and the food to either enhance each other’s flavours or to contrast each other.
  • Avoid food that’s got a whole lot of garlic or spice because it’ll overpower your whisky.

  • Foods that are high in fat generally tend to work well, particularly with cask-strength whiskies, because the fat coats your mouth and eases the feel of the higher alcohol content. 

There’s only one rule of thumb — you do you. Like most things with whisky, what tastes best is what you like. This is only a guide. And like Fuji Gotemba’s Master Blender Jota Tanaka says: "Pairing is a matter of preference.”

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