Jack Daniel's Single Barrel III, Selected by Members of The Whisky Club
June 2024

Jack Daniel's Single Barrel III, Selected by Members of The Whisky Club

This is Jack that only lives here — the ultimate expression of one of the biggest whiskeys in the world selected by Members of Australia’s biggest whisk(e)y community.

United States

Colour Deep chestnut

Nose Banana custard, candied orange, cinnamon cookie dough and rich stewed fruits.

Palate Fruitcake, lime lollies, chewy butterscotch & light spices and charred oak.

Finish White chocolate raspberries, juicy dried fruits with a hint of smoke.


This is one of the world’s most iconic whiskies at its peak. Not only that, it was hand-picked exclusively for The Whisky Club by Members.

It's also the last dance in our trilogy of Bourbon collaborations with Jack Daniel’s – and you’d better believe we saved the best for last. Our Members sipped through countless samples and chose the richest barrels yet for the ultimate viscous, weighty and creamy whiskey.

Jack Daniel's single barrels are getting harder to come by these days – you can thank legions of thirsty fans worldwide for that.

Only 1 in every 5000 barrels passes Jack Daniel’s impossibly high standards and are judged exceptional enough to be released as a single barrel at barrel strength. So you know it’s going to good.

These Tennessee titans (not the NFL team) take barrels very seriously.

”The barrel is more than just a container, it’s an ingredient,” says Master Distiller Chris Fletcher. ”We have really tight specifications on barrels of what we want and what we want to make.

“The other magical thing about single barrels is they only come from the very top floor of the barrel houses,“ says Chris. And the huge swings in temperature allow the whiskey to really soak up the characteristics from the barrel. “That’s how you get whiskies that are this dark. That’s all barrel character right there. That’s all natural colour and flavour.”

Full-bodied, complex and robust, this is Jack Daniel’s at its finest — jacked up with chewy butterscotch, fruitcake and banana custard, and an epic finish of white chocolate raspberries with “plenty of punch, no question.”

And you won’t find it anywhere else.

Our first three whiskeys with the distillery sold out at breakneck speed, and we had a waiting list as long as your arm of whiskey lovers who just couldn’t get enough.

This whiskey will go just as quickly. So make sure you’re a Member by 7 June to secure your bottle.


Price: $165.00

Age: No Age Statement

ABV: 62.5%

Maturation: New American white oak barrels

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Jack Daniel Distillery's History

The youngest of ten children to Calaway and Lucinda Daniel, no-one knows for sure exactly when Jasper Newton “Jack” Daniel was born. His tombstone says 1850, but his mother died before then, so the truth remains a mystery. His father soon remarried and had another three children; however, Jack and his stepmother did not get along well, and following his father’s death during the Civil War, Jack ran away from home.


Jack Daniel's Single Barrel III, Selected by Members of The Whisky Club Jack Daniel's Single Barrel III, Selected by Members of The Whisky Club

Distillery Facts

Region: Tennessee

Origin: 133 Lynchburg Hwy, Lynchburg, TN 37352, USA

Founded: 1866

Water Source: Cave Spring Hollow

Washbacks: 64 x 150,000L, wooden

Capacity: 118,000,000 litres per annum

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