Get incredible whiskies, tailor-made for you by the world's greatest whisky makers
Get incredible whiskies, tailor-made for you by the world's greatest whisky makers

One of the biggest releases in Club history. The brand new, highly collectible 12 YO Malaga Cask Finish is here and it’s an absolute must-have if you love sherried whisky!

Matured in extremely rare Malaga fortified wine casks, the sweet PX and Moscatel grape influence creates a supremely balanced and astonishingly rich, sweet whisky threading citrus vibrancy with brown sugar, raisins and honey bringing a new-found richness to Glenmorangie’s adored soft and creamy style.

Bottled at 47.3% non-chill filtered, it's available to Members at the very special price of just $135 thanks to the unrivalled buying power of Australia’s biggest Whisky Club. Absolutely incredible value for any limited-edition Glenmorangie!

Sign Up Free to now to get your hands on one of the last remaining bottles of this incredible never-to-be-repeated small batch Glenmorangie.

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Glenmorangie 12 Malaga Cask

Final stock remaining

Glenmorangie 12 Malaga Cask

One of the biggest releases in Club history. The brand new, highly collectible 12 YO Malaga Cask Finish is here and it’s an absolute must-have if you love sherried whisky!

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Member pricing and special access

Absolutely incredible experience for the release of Westward's Oregon Pinot Noir Cask exclusively for The Whisky Club... lucky enough to meet one of the founders of this amazing distillery... unforgettable experience.
Member since 2018


Bucket list whisky trips and lots of whisky

This is absolutely amazing! Thank you - I'm still in a bit of disbelief to be honest! As is my best mate now after telling him where our next whisky holiday is going to be, gear up!
Member since 2019


Australia's biggest Clubhouse network

Post concert drink at Lark Bar. Making the most of my Whisky Club membership and it's 20% off. Or the buy 4 get 1 free as I prefer to call it!
Member since 2019


Virtual drams with the whisky makers!

Best tasting I have been in. Thank you guys.
Member since 2020


Study at Scotland’s leading Whisky School

I have been researching and writing about whisky for 30 years but still learned a lot from the Diploma. I cannot recommend it too highly.
World Renowned Whisky Journalist


Selected by the world's greatest whisky makers

No doubt the day will come when it's finished, but until then I’ll make sure I enjoy every dram of this cracker. Well done Whisky Club on delivering an absolute beauty!
Member since 2018

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Fantastic whisky. Great quality. Wonderful customer service. Regular competitions with awesome prizes. Also the ability to opt out each month if necessary or add more to your order!”
Member since 2019


“The ability to access and taste some of the most amazing and exclusive whisky at an affordable price is more than enough reason to recommend it but to top it off with some fantastic events and bars is just brilliant!! My cabinet has NEVER looked so good!”
Member since 2018


“This is the best way to enjoy premium Whisky (and the occasional Whiskey). Straight forward, no gimmicks, no tricks just get what you pay for. Keep up the good work Bertie and team.”
Member since 2016


“I joined because I was tired of the supermarket selection of whiskies and I found my new ‘home’. The selection and choices are fantastic and price point is very good for quality whisky.”
Member since 2016


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“I have continually been delighted by the team at The Whisky Club. The offerings each month have been excellent. Such a great introduction in to the world of whisky. You simply cannot lose!”
Member since 2018

The world's finest craftsmen

Meet the whisky makers

Get ready to be on a first name basis with the very best whisky makers in the world as they make whiskies just for you, our Members.

The world's finest craftsmen

Meet the whisky makers

Get ready to be on a first name basis with the very best whisky makers in the world as they make whiskies just for you, our Members.

“It’s always a pleasure, through our great friendship with the Club, to take you deep into our family’s vaults with our very special Whisky Club Member-Only releases.”


“There's nothing quite like tailor-making a whisky specially for such a discerning crowd as the Members of The Whisky Club Downunder!”


“It's an honour and a pleasure to create some of my favourite whiskies exclusively for The Whisky Club.”


“The Whisky Club asked me to create the perfect Inchmoan for their Members Edition, and all the better for the Club, hands down it's one of our best Inchmoans yet!”


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Seriously exceptional malt whisky, that’s what! We’d be lying if we said it’s a tough job. There’s nothing we love more than tasting our way through some of the world’s very best single malt each month with our distillery partners to select their absolute best whisky specially for our Members.

Join the Club today to confidently grow and enjoy a world-class whisky collection accompanied by unrivalled education and guidance straight from the people who made it.

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April 2021

Loved it so much I just ordered another 3 bottles. It's going to be the go-to bottle in our house
Member since 2020

March 2021

This whisky is phenomenal. Tantalisingly tasty notes all round!
Member since 2021

February 2021

This has to be my favourite yet — honey, some subtle spice, bit of chocolate. Four years in Dulce Malaga casks gives this incredible flavour
Member since 2020

January 2021

Warm and sweet spice nose like cinnamon and clove… like a really boozy fruit mince tart with glacé cherries. Rich mouthfeel with a long spicy finish: feisty and dry. Super rich, such a welcome addition
Member since 2020

November 2020

Very moreish...Has a nice thick creamy mouthfeel…Sweet honey, vanilla, pear and a little nutty. Nice finish with a pleasant hit of spice.
Member since 2019

October 2020

Hints of cinnamon, zest and toffee on the nose. Immediate taste of honeyed caramel. Very tasty.
Member since 2015

September 2020

This is absolutely delicious! OMG!
Member since 2018

August 2020

l would have to say that this is the best single malt whisky I have ever tasted.
Member since 2020

July 2020

I had my first sip and immediately it felt like heaven. Nectar of the Gods is the only way I can describe it.
Member since 2020

June 2020

My first from the Club and I love it! Butterscotch, caramel, orange all sitting on the palate half an hour after the first dram. Challenge is how to make it last.
Member since 2019

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We got answers

Still not sure how it works? No problem, we're here to help. To get you started, here are some of the questions we get asked a bit...

Nothing but great whisky

What does it cost to join, and am I locked into any contract?

Membership to The Whisky Club is totally free - there's no sign-up fee, no monthly Membership fee, no minimum spend, no exit fee and no lock-in contracts. You're free to leave at any time you need.

All you pay for is the whisky you buy. Our Whiskies Of The Month range from $110 - $135 a bottle, and our Drink Local range and special Add-Ins start from $175. Postage is a flat $15 Australia wide per order.

Why do you want my credit card number straight away?

When you join, you'll enter all the details we need to get you your monthly delivery of whisky goodness. So that means we'll need your delivery address as well as your payment details.

Don't worry though, there's no charge being made just yet. In fact, unless you place an order from your Account, we won't charge your card until the next Whisky Of The Month, which of course you can skip if you like.

I don't have a credit card, can I still join?

No credit card? No stress. Any debit card you might use at an ATM will work just fine.

If you'd rather not use a card at all, that's no problem! Just enter your PayPal details when you sign up.

What if I don't want one of the whiskies, or want extras?

We're humans... we understand that there's plenty of reasons why you mightn't want to, or be able to get our excellent whiskies on some months. If you need to sit out a month, that's no drama, just log into your account and hit the Opt Out button between the first Friday of the month, and midnight that Sunday (Sydney time).

We also know just how good our whiskies are, and that there might be times you want more than you normally get. Can't really blame you! If you want extras, just log into your account and increase your order between the first Friday of the month, and midnight that Sunday (Sydney time).

Can you deliver to a PO Box/Parcel Locker/Parcel Collect address?

We partner with Australia Post for our deliveries, so if you would like to use a PO Box, Parcel Locker, or Parcel Collect service at your nearest Post Office, that's absolutely fine.

That whisky you had a few months back, can I get one?

Once a whisky has its run as our Whisky Of The Month, that's it, we don't get any more. When it's gone, it's gone.

Sometimes we do have some left overs and returns, and these bottles are on sale now in your Account.

What if I want to give a Membership as a gift?

What an amazing human you are! A Whisky Club Membership makes the perfect gift for the whisky lover in your life. To gift a Membership, simply sign up with the receiver’s name and delivery address, but use your own email address (if you're already a Member use one of your alternate email addresses) and credit card number.

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So, you've got some whisky loving mates who you think should be in the Club? That's great! We think they should be too!

And to make it worth your while, we'll send you a referral gift for every friend you refer, once they've made their second bottle purchase. You can read all about this on our "Get Free Whisky!" page.

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