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The Whisky Club’s Whisky of the Year 2019

2019 has been another incredible year at The Whisky Club. We’ve partaken in some extraordinary single malt exclusives and now we’d love to know which was your favourite! 

1. Select your single favourite whisky of 2019 below
2. Drop your comment on our Facebook page and tell us what you loved about your favourite Club whisky.

We’ll award one lucky punter their first three 2020 whiskies FREE. Competition is open to all current members, previous members and anyone who’s tasted any of these drams.

The Whisky Club's Whisky of the Year 2019


January 2019 – Hellyers Road 16 Year Old


What better way to kick of the year, than with a 16 Year Old Tasmanian whisky at an unheard of price, the delicious Hellyers Road 16 Year Old is a whisky Members are still asking for more of.


February 2019 – Jura 18 Year Old


February saw the release of Jura's new range in Australia with the Jura 18 Year Old exclusive to the Club. We made the "ungetable", rather "getable" for our Members.


March 2019 – The Glenlivet Captain’s Reserve


Oh Captain, my Captain! In March we teamed up with the mighty Glenlivet to bring you their first ever Cognac cask finished whisky, the crazily delicious Glenlivet Captain's Reserve.


March 2019 - Add-In - Redbreast 12 Year Old Cask Strength


When Jim Murray gave the Redbreast 12 Year Old Cask Strength B1/17 Irish Whiskey of the Year 2019, we knew we had to get our hands on to celebrate St Patrick's day with. To be sure!


March 2019 - Add-In - Redbreast 21 Year Old


As if the Redbreast 12 Year Old wasn't enough, we also took a craic at the Redbreast 21 Year Old, itself a whiskey of note having been awarded Irish Whiskey of the Year in 2018, and the Second Finest Whisky in the World 2018 by Jim Murray.


April 2019 – Starward Charred Red Wine Casks


We teamed up with Melbourne's craft whisky legends to bring you April's whisky, the stunning Starward Charred Red Wine Casks, taking their signature red wine cask whisky to the next level.


May 2019 – Balblair 12 Year Old


Balblair traditionally released vintage bottlings but in 2019 revamped their lineup with an all new age statement range. The Club's first ever Whisky of the Month as a Balblair, so the chance to share the new Balblair 12 Year Old with our Members was a no brainer.


May 2019 - Add-In - Balblair 15 Year Old


Not only was the Club the only place in Australia you could get the new Balblair 12 Year Old, it was the only place to get the rest of the family too, including the Balblair 15 Year Old, a deliciously tropical chocolatey treat.


May 2019 - Add-In - Balblair 18 Year Old


The Balblair 18 Year Old took things to unexpected heights, while remaining perfectly balanced and true to the character of the distillery. Matured in ex-Bourbon casks, then first fill Spanish oak butts, this is a deeply charismatic whisky and a real favourite!


May 2019 - Add-In - Balblair 25 Year Old


Rounding out the Balblair collection, the Balblair 25 Year Old is the ultimate indulgence, mellow, concentrated and full-bodied. Pure class!


June 2019 – Tomatin 2008 Single Cask


We challenged Tomatin Distillery's award winning Master Blender Graham Eunson to create something ultra-special for us, and oh boy did he deliver! June's Tomatin 2008 First-Fill American Oak Single Cask was the first ever 100% ex-Bourbon single cask Tomatin official distillery release to land on our shores, cut at 50% and every bottle hand numbered. 


June 2019 - Add-In - The Glenlivet 2003 First-Fill ex-Oloroso Sherry Butt


Just when you thought June couldn't get better, we dropped a massive sherry bomb with the Glenlivet Single Cask Edition 2003 First-fill ex-Oloroso Sherry Butt. Hand selected by the legend that is Alan Winchester, Glenlivet's Master Distiller, this Aussie first showcased Glenlivet in its most natural form - single cask, non-chill filtered, natural in colour and at a whopping 60.1% ABV.


July 2019 – The GlenDronach 2007 Whisky Club Fifth Birthday Edition


What a way to celebrate the Club's fifth birthday! The Glendronach 2007 Whisky Club Fifth Birthday Edition was put together for us by Master Blender Dr Rachel Barrie. The super rare 100% ex-Pedro Ximénez Sherry Cask was better than any birthday cake we've had.


July 2019 - Add-In - The GlenDronach Revival 15 Year Old


Considered one of the finest sherry matured whiskies ever, the original GlenDronach 15 Year Old Revival is widely credited for making The GlenDronach what it is today. Luckily for us, and you, we found a stash of the original Billy Walker-made Revival in a warehouse in Mexico. The last remaining stock in the world, and what a birthday surprise for the collector and drinker alike!


July 2019 - Add-In - The GlenDronach Peated Port Wood


Our fifth birthday celebrations continued with a GlenDronach for the peat lovers, with some of the last remaining stock of The GlenDronach's second-ever peated expression, the fabulous Limited Edition Peated Port Wood.


August 2019 – Tobermory 12 Year Old


Tobermory had been missing from our shelves for a while now, a real shame, so we jumped at the chance to bring you the all new Tobermory 12 Year Old in August. At least that's one drought we were able to do something about.


September 2019 – Westward Oregon Pinot Noir Cask


An American Single Malt? You better believe it! Miles Munroe and the team at Westward, Portland Oregon put together the Westward Oregon Pinot Noir Cask Single Malt exclusively for our drinking pleasure, a whisky that brings together many things Portland's known for - craft brewing, pinot noir and spirit distillation. 


September 2019 - Add-In - Bladnoch 17 Year Old Californian Red Wine Finish


We loved the Bladnoch 10 Year Old Cask Strength created exclusively for the Club in 2018, so jumped at the chance to offer the Bladnoch 17 Year Old Californian Red Wine Finish as an add-in alongside the Westward. 


October 2019 – 2010 BenRiach First-Fill American Oak Single Malt Scotch Whisky


Another first for the Club, the 2010 BenRiach First-Fill American Oak Created Exclusively for the Whisky Club was a rare chance to experience BenRaich's spirit without the influence of cask finishes, and what a tasty surprise it was.


October 2019 - Add-In - BenRiach 22 Year Old Dark Rum Dunder


Peat meets sweet with the BenRiach 22 Year Old Dark Rum Dunder. BenRiach's peated malt, aged 22 years in American Oak, then finished in Jamaican dark rum barrels. What a combination!


October 2019 - Add-In - Overeem First-Fill Port Cask


October kept on giving, with a specially selected cask of legendary Tasmanian whisky Overeem Port Cask up for the taking. Distilled back in 2013 from locally grown barley and matured in ex-Australian Port casks, Overeem is an essential part of the Tasmanian whisky story.


November 2019 – Lagavulin Islay Single Malt Scotch Whisky Offerman Edition Aged 11 Years


Legend of stage and screen, Nick Offerman, teamed up with legend of Islay whisky, Lagavulin, to create the Lagavulin Offerman Edition. This 11 Year Old was made for the USA market only, but we managed to pull enough strings to get some, while the rest of the world, including Scotland, missed out.


November 2019 - Add-In - Launceston Distillery Muscat Cask Finish Tasmanian Single Malt Whisky


The first in our ongoing range of exceptional, hand-picked local whiskies representing the cream of the Australian distilling scene was the Launceston Distillery Muscat Cask Finish Cask Strength Whisky, created exclusively for Whisky Club Members! Matured in 20 litre French Oak Apera casks and finished in an old Mucat cask from Holm Oak Vineyards in northern Tasmania, this jaw-dropping dram left us speechless.


November 2019 - Add-In - Glenmorangie Allta Private Edition


The cask-strength goodness continued in November, with Dr Bill Lumsden's latest masterpiece, the Glenmorangie Allta Private Edition, the tenth and final release in the series.


December 2019 – Iniquity The Whisky Club Christmas Edition


What better way to spend an Aussie Christmas, than with an Aussie dram from South Australian legends Tin Shed Distillery. The Iniquity Whisky Club Christmas Edition the centrepiece of whisky lovers' Christmas dinner tables around Australia.


December 2019 - Add-In - Old Kempton Cask Strength Port Cask Tasmanian Single Malt


Our final whisky for the 2019, our Tassie Add-In for the month coming from the amazing team at Old Kempton Distillery... their already legendary Old Kempton Cask Strength Port Cask being taken to the next level exclusively for the Club with a special finish in a single South Australian Port cask, an indulgently special dram for Club Members.

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The Whisky Club's Whisky of the Year 2019

So there you have it, another year done and dusted! A year’s worth of hugely popular whiskies, and we can’t wait to see which was your favourite – vote for yours and leave a comment below. Of course, we’ve got even more incredible single malts lined up for 2020 exclusively for our Members, starting with our Dailuaine 16 Year Old Flora & Fauna, plus our ongoing monthly Add-In range of exceptional, hand-picked whiskies representing the cream of local distilling.

So cast your vote below and leave a comment on Facebook for your chance to win.

Here’s to a massive 2020!



  1. Overeem First-Fill Port Cask is my favourite for 2019. Aussie made for a start with a great taste due to port casks ageing. Smooth and unique. Excellent job Casie Overeem!!

  2. Lagavulin, oh that Lagavulin. I thought I was drinking dirt on the first take. So I put it back on the shelf and tried it again a few days later and just got it. The flavour, the smokiness, the all round awesomeness. Love it so much I bought the 16 and 8 from the local to try as well. Thankyou whisky club for putting this beauty in my path, you’ve ruined all other spirits for me now.