What We Know About Australia Post And Delays to Your Whisky

September 26, 2021
 / 3 mins

We’re all feeling the brunt of delays with Australian Post. We know how frustrating it is waiting for the whisky you ordered. And we know many of you are getting thirsty, understandably. Getting you your whisky is our number one priority at the moment, and we wanted to keep you in the loop with a bit of a run down with what's going on.

Lockdown restrictions in a lot of parts of Australia have placed a huge strain on our postal service. Why? Millions of people are turning to online shopping and delivery to get the things they would have bought in person pre-lockdown.

We’ve heard a lot of stories from Members in the last few weeks about delays and we wanted to let you all know how we’re trying to get your dram in your hand as quickly as possible.

On September 1, Australia Post temporarily halted parcel collections from online retailers in NSW, VIC and ACT so it could clear out its delivery backlog and ease congestion.

The pause was also an attempt to ease stress on workers who, as you could imagine, are well and truly under the pump. Unfortunately, the pause was announced at the same time as we start sending your whisky out from our warehouse in Sydney. So, we lost two delivery days on top of the already congested postal system.

According to AusPost, the amount of parcels they’re seeing in some areas is similar to volumes at Christmas last year.

AusPost says the backlog is due to a blend of COVID restrictions, staff shortages and a huge surge in online orders. After the pause, AusPost continued to make deliveries over the weekend — and they’re going to keep doing that up until Christmas to get through the backlog.

Australia Post announced it will employ thousands of new workers across the country to deal with ongoing lockdown demand and the inevitable spike leading up to Christmas.

We’ve got a long relationship with our friends at Australia Post — we’ve worked together since the very beginning of the Club when we were sending out ute loads of whisky, to now, Australia’s biggest community of whisky lovers. 

Like we said, we're working on getting deliveries to Members as quickly as possible. And we're making it a priority to find additional solutions to help speed things up.

But, all carriers across the country are feeling the strain of unprecedented volumes.

We learnt recently that StarTrack workers held a 24-hour strike on Thursday and this means parcel delivery could be delayed across Australia. And a majority of FedEx employees are also set to strike.

We’ve also heard some Members are getting inconsistent notifications from AusPost and this is again because of the huge strain. We know this can be frustrating when you’re not sure what’s going on with your order.

Please know that we are working as hard as we can to help get your whisky to you as soon as possible and we’re here to help you. Our Warehouse Manager in Sydney, Alex, is working madly to get your whisky delivered and developing new solutions for the coming months to make sure you get your whisky as quickly as possible.

Thanks, Alex.

And thank you for your patience. Please shoot us an email or DM if we can help.

Find out more about Australia Post delays here. 

This is our wonderful Warehouse Manager, Alex.

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